Round Up Program

New Era Bank now offers a Round Up Program!

Sign up to automatically round up every purchase to the nearest dollar amount, and have the difference transferred to another New Era Bank account.

What do I need to enroll in the Round Up Program?

To be eligible for the Round Up Program, you need to have a New Era checking account and another New Era Bank account, along with a New Era debit card. If you have all three of these items, you can sign up by calling any branch and asking for new accounts!

How often will my Round Up funds be transferred to my other New Era account?

There's no waiting with our Round Up Program; the funds you accumulate are transferred everyday from your checking to your other account. The transfer will show as two transactions, making it easy to see what you accumulated on a given day. If the transaction causes your checking account to be overdrawn, the funds from your Round Up will be canceled for that day.

What is the match rate for Round Up?

At this time, there are no matching rates.

How can I keep track of my Round Up funds?

You can always view a summary of your amount saved in our online banking or mobile app.

How can I cancel my Round Up Program?

You can cancel your program at any time by visiting or calling a New Era Bank location and asking for new accounts.

Can I transfer Round Up funds to another persons account?

Yes, you are allowed to transfer to another account for deposit of Round Up funds. For example: Grandparent to Grandchild, Your account to a church or civic organization. **Account to be transferred to must be a New Era Bank account.