Debit Cards

Get to know your debit card options below.

Visa Debit Card

  •  Deducts funds straight from your checking account
  • Quicker and more convenient than check writing
  • Accepted anywhere in the world that accepts Visa
  • Transactions will be listed on monthly statements or can be viewed with online banking
  • Use your debit card at any ATM to withdraw cash
  •  Choose your own password (PIN) to use with your debit card
  •  Contactless Payments with ApplePay or GooglePay
Why is my debit card not working?

Debit cards have a $400 ATM limit and a $1500 Point of Sale limit. Both limits are for a 24 hour period, once you hit this limit your card will automatically be declined. Additionally, if you try and do one transaction over $1500 your card will automatically be declined. You can call New Accounts at any branch to have the limit temporarily raised.

If I deposit into the ATM, when will my funds be available?

You get $200 in credit immediately. The rest will be available, if the deposit is made on a business day, by 5 pm on that business day. If the deposit is made on a weekend, or after banking hours, the deposit will be made available by 5 pm on the next business day.

My debit card is expiring soon, what do I do?

You can come into any of our branches and we can replace your debit card within 24 hours. Cards are instant issued at the Fredericktown, Farmington Karsch, and Desloge branches. All other branches receive cards back within 24 hours. If you cannot make it into a branch, one will be mailed to you before your current card expires. It will be in a plain white, unmarked envelope with the pin to follow within a day or so. You cannot pick your PIN when the card is re-issued unless you come into a branch.

I can't see the three digit code on the back of my card. What can I do?

The security code can only be found on your card. Please visit your local branch for a replacement.

What is my daily limit on my card?

Standard card limits are $400 for ATM withdrawals and $1500 for purchases per day.

Why is my card declining?

You may be exceeding your daily limit. Call a new accounts representative to have it raised. Foreign purchases will automatically decline unless you notify the bank of the purchase. Out of state transaction have restrictions. Please use your PIN number for transactions exceeding $50.00

Do I have to come in to get a replacement card if mine is going to expire?

No, we will mail you a replacement card with the standard blue design the month prior to when it is expiring.

How can I change my debit card PIN?

If you know your current PIN, you can change it at any New Era Bank ATM. If you do not know your current PIN, please visit your local branch to re-pin your card.

How do I cancel my card if it is lost or stolen?

During business hours, please call your local branch. During non-business hours, you can call VISA at 1-800-847-2911.

Should I notify the bank if I'm traveling with my debit card?

Yes, call your local branch and a new accounts representative can add a travel message to your card.

What happens if I don't recognize a charge on my account or have unauthorized purchases?

You will need to call your local branch so we can investigate and help you determine whether the charge was legitimate or not and if the card needs to be hot carded.

New Era Bank is Switching to Chip Cards!

If you have shopped at almost any retailer within the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the addition of chip-enabled terminals at the register. Soon, your New Era Bank debit card will have a microchip inside that uses those terminals for payments, and will keep your information safer! Want to know more? Click here for more information.

New Era Bank now offers ApplePay, GooglePay and Samsung Pay!

Paying is even easier now with ApplePay, GooglePay and Samsung Pay!   With just the tap of your phone you can pay at many businesses.  Just add our card to your digital wallet to start utilizing this service today.   Contactless payments (payments from ApplePay, GooglePay and Samsung Pay) are much more secure than using your Debit card because the contactless payment just creates a one time use token that the business uses to debit your account. This way they never have your actual debit card number, so that if a data breech happens, your card is not exposed.  If you have questions please contact one of our New Account Representatives today.