Contactless Cards

A contactless chip card allows you to tap your credit or debit card against a reader, in addition to inserting or swiping your card.


Here's how it works




Look at your card

This indicator on your card means you can tap to pay anywhere you see the Contactless Symbol.





Look at the terminal

Look for the Contactless Symbol at at contactless-enabled merchant terminals and Kiosk.





Tap your card

Tap or hold your contactless card near the Contactless Symbol on the checkout terminal.

You may be asked to enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) or sign for debit card transactions. If a contactless terminal isn’t available, just insert or swipe your card.


Features and benefits



Whether you tap, insert, or use the magnetic stripe for your transactions, your card comes with 24/7 fraud monitoring.  The merchant never receives your card information to process the transaction, just a token that it passes securely between Visa an the merchant. 

Simple to use

Just tap your card where you see the Contactless Symbol—it's even easier than swiping or inserting your card, and much Faster.

Flexible everyday

Tap your card to help speed up your checkout at fast food restaurants, pharmacies, grocery stores, and more.


Ready to go contactless? Come into any branch and we will swap out your current card with a contactless one for free, plus we have new designs.   When you current card expires we will mail you a new contactless card automatically.   If you have questions feel free to call any branch and ask for new accounts for more details.