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What is New Era Bank's routing number?

Our routing number is #081502637.

How much money do I have in my account?

You can find this out in a number of ways.

  1. You can sign up for text banking by texting ‘Enroll Newera’ to 1(833)244-2076.
  2. Sign up for Internet Banking.
  3. Download our App.
  4. Call Customer Service at 573-783-0777
How much was my automatic deposit?

You can find this out, usually before 8 am by logging on to Internet Banking or signing up for text banking. After 8 am, you can call customer service to assist you at 573-783-0777.

Can I have a copy of my statement?

You can do this in two ways, first you can call customer service at 573-783-0777, or if you have Internet Banking and enroll in Estatement you can store and view 18 months of statements automatically.

Why is my debit card not working?

Debit cards have a $400 ATM limit and a $800 Point of Sale limit. Both limits are for a 24 hour period, once you hit this limit your card will automatically be declined. Additionally, if you try and do one transaction over $800 your card will automatically be declined. You can call New Accounts at any branch to have the limit temporarily raised.

I locked myself out of online banking/automated phone system, what do I do?

You must call customer service at 573-783-0777 to have it unlocked.

What is memo-posting?

Memo-Posting is a system the bank uses to show credits or debits that will post to your account that day. They temporarily show on/off your account until we process that evening.

If something has memo-posted to my account, has it cleared my account?

It has not cleared your account. It is just temporarily removed from your available balance. Until we complete processing, the item has not officially cleared your account.

Can you tell me if check number ____ has come through yet?

You can get this in a number of ways, calling customer service during business hours at 573-783-0777, using Internet Banking anytime 24/7, or using our telephone banking by calling 844-244-3912.

If I deposit into the ATM, when will my funds be available?

If the deposit is made on a business day, by 5 pm on that business day you will receive credit that same day . If the deposit is made on a weekend, or after banking hours, the deposit will be made available by 5 pm on the next business day.

How can I order checks?

You may order checks by dropping off the reorder at any of our branches, or by going online to www.newerabank.com and clicking on the order checks link.

My debit card is expiring soon, what do I do?

You can come into any of our branches and we can replace your debit card within 24 hours. Cards are instant issued at the Fredericktown, Farmington Karsch, and Desloge branches. All other branches receive cards back within 24 hours. If you cannot make it into a branch, one will be mailed to you before your current card expires. It will be in a plain white, unmarked envelope with the pin to follow within a day or so. You cannot pick your PIN when the card is re-issued unless you come into a branch.

How do I sign up for Internet Banking?

You can sign up anytime online at www.newerabank.com by clicking on the login button, then clicking the enroll button on the next page, and then following the online prompts, or you may call new accounts at any branch and they can assist you in getting your account setup. The phone numbers for each branch are located on the locations page of our website.

I need help with my Internet Banking?

You may call new accounts at any of our branches and they will assist you in getting your Internet Banking questions answered. The phone numbers are located on the locations page of our website. Additionally, there is a demo of how the Internet banking works located on the Online Banking tab of our website.


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