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Peace of Mind Through Secure Swipe

We’ve all heard about security breaches at major retailers that have compromised the credit and debit card data for thousands of people, and if you haven’t experienced a compromised card yourself, you probably know someone who has. The security of our customers is our highest priority at New Era Bank, which is why we’re introducing a new way to manage your debit card—Secure Swipe. This addition to the New Era Bank mobile app will allow you to turn on and off your debit card in real time with just a few taps of your screen, and you can rest easy knowing your card can only be used when you want to use it.

Set Up

To enroll your card, enter in a few details from your card to verify that you are in physical possession of it. Then choose a 4-digit passcode to manage your card through the app—this number is different from your PIN. The enrollment process is quick and simple, and you’ll be able to start managing your card right away.

How It Works

Open up your New Era Bank mobile app and tap on “Debit On/Off” under “Debit Card Management.” You can select:

  • Lock card
  • Unlock card for one transaction within ten minutes
  • Unlock card for three transactions within thirty minutes
  • Unlock card for six transactions within four hours
  • Unlock card for twelve hours (best for online purchases)


Enter your 4-digit passcode to verify your change. This adds an extra layer of security in case your phone is lost or stolen.

When your card is locked, attempted transactions will be rejected at the Point of Sale (either a physical terminal in a store or an online checkout). However, if you use your debit card for recurring automatic payments, those transactions will be unaffected. For example, if you lock your card for the evening, automatic payments like utility bills or Netflix will still be able to take payment for your account.

Easy Management

You can manage multiple cards from the app, and you can give each card a nickname for easy identification. In the event that your card is misplaced, you can lock the card until it’s rediscovered. If your card is stolen, you can lock it and report it as stolen directly from the app.

Start using Secure Swipe today and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your debit card is fully under your control.

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