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We are aware of a fraud event on some of our New Era Bank debit cards.  New Era Bank was NOT compromised, however, fraud was attempted on some cards.  If you received a fraud text or call you will need to get a new card.  For your convenience all lobbies will be open Monday May 11th at 8:30.  If you have questions please call your local branch.

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So many of us feel defenseless when it comes to identity theft and simply “hope” we won’t be affected (or worse yet, affected again). Identity theft can generally be categorized under two forms: fraudulent creation of new accounts and fraudulent activity on existing accounts.

Luckily, most banks, including New Era Bank will help you through fraudulent activity on existing accounts you have open with them—notifying you of suspicious activity and reimbursing you for fraudulent charges when possible depending on account terms. Our New Direction Account is even better though and goes way beyond protecting you on the account itself. It comes with IdProtect®, an identity theft protection service that will assist you through identity theft of any kind whether it’s on existing accounts with New Era Bank or new accounts that have nothing to do with with us. IdProtect® includes the following services should you ever need them:

  • Fully Managed Recovery Services (a fraud specialist who will stick with you and manage your case until your identity is restored)
  • Up to $10,000 of Reimbursement available for identity theft expenses
  • Robust Monitoring Services (including daily credit monitoring and routine monitoring of over 1,000 databases)
  • Debit and Credit Card Registration
  • And much more - for full details on the IdProtect® services included in the New Direction Account call one of our offices today.

Perhaps one of the coolest features of IdProtect® is that the entire service not only better protects you but also covers those you love most—joint account holders, your spouse, dependent children up to age 25 and parents living in the same household.

With so many options out there for protection against identity theft, it’s hard to know what’s “worth it” and because people don’t know where to start many bypass protection services altogether—leaving themselves even more vulnerable. The great thing about the New Direction Account is that IdProtect® is one of over 10 features and benefits that come along with the account, so you don’t have to worry about how much it costs because it’s included.* It’s simply there for you, as a reliable and trustworthy insurance for you to fall back on in case the unfortunate circumstances of identity theft come knocking at your door.

You can find full details on our New Direction Account on our Personal Checking page. And when you are ready to sign up contact your local branch here. It’s a smart choice that we’re sure will help you rest easier.

At New Era Bank, we always recommend being as proactive as possible when it comes to protecting your identity, so we’ve also provided a few resources below that you can use anytime (whether you sign up for the New Direction Account or not) to up your game when it comes to guarding yourself from Identity Theft.

*There is a $4.95 monthly service charge if the minimum relationship balance of $2,500 is not met.

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We’ve all heard about security breaches at major retailers that have compromised the credit and debit card data for thousands of people, and if you haven’t experienced a compromised card yourself, you probably know someone who has. The security of our customers is our highest priority at New Era Bank, which is why we’re introducing a new way to manage your debit card—Secure Swipe. This addition to the New Era Bank mobile app will allow you to turn on and off your debit card in real time with just a few taps of your screen, and you can rest easy knowing your card can only be used when you want to use it.

Set Up

To enroll your card, enter in a few details from your card to verify that you are in physical possession of it. Then choose a 4-digit passcode to manage your card through the app—this number is different from your PIN. The enrollment process is quick and simple, and you’ll be able to start managing your card right away.

How It Works

Open up your New Era Bank mobile app and tap on “Debit On/Off” under “Debit Card Management.” You can select:

  • Lock card
  • Unlock card for one transaction within ten minutes
  • Unlock card for three transactions within thirty minutes
  • Unlock card for six transactions within four hours
  • Unlock card for twelve hours (best for online purchases)


Enter your 4-digit passcode to verify your change. This adds an extra layer of security in case your phone is lost or stolen.

When your card is locked, attempted transactions will be rejected at the Point of Sale (either a physical terminal in a store or an online checkout). However, if you use your debit card for recurring automatic payments, those transactions will be unaffected. For example, if you lock your card for the evening, automatic payments like utility bills or Netflix will still be able to take payment for your account.

Easy Management

You can manage multiple cards from the app, and you can give each card a nickname for easy identification. In the event that your card is misplaced, you can lock the card until it’s rediscovered. If your card is stolen, you can lock it and report it as stolen directly from the app.

Start using Secure Swipe today and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your debit card is fully under your control.

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If you have shopped around at almost any retailer within the past few months, you’ve probably noticed the addition of chip-enabled terminals at the register. Even though this seems like a futuristic phenomenon it’s actually an easy and safe switch that you will be happy you made! Want to know more? Below are ins and outs of chip cards to get you started on the right track!

Why did New Era Bank switch to chip cards?

Chip cards (or EMV cards) aren’t a specific brand or type of credit or debit card; it’s a safety standard that is already being used around the world. Your chip card will look and feel the same as your regular card, but will now have an embedded microchip inside. That microchip encrypts information anytime you pay using a chip-enabled terminal, making all of your information that much safer.

Is my traditional card no longer safe?

Your magnetic stripe card is still considered secure and safe; chip technology is the next level of security that will add another layer of protection to your information. You can have confidence in knowing that New Era Bank still provides protection and security for your credit and debit accounts just as we always have; chip or no chip.

So, do chip cards protect me from everything?

No. For every new and improved strategy to keep your information safe, comes another perpetrator finding ways to get around the advancements and continue to commit fraud. When used at a chip-enabled terminal, chip cards are like another layer security on top of the fraud prevention and protection services we already provide.

How does it work, and where can I use it?

If you are at a retailer with a chip-enabled terminal, you start by inserting your card face up inside the terminal. Your card will remain inside for the remainder of the payment process. From there, follow the prompts as you’re used to doing with traditional magnetic stripe cards. If a retailer does not have a chip-enabled terminal, you can still swipe your card as you usually do.

Are these cards the same thing as contactless payment (or NFC payment)? (Example: Apple Pay, PayPass)

No. NFC is the technology that makes it possible to make payments from smartphones and other devices without any physical contact between payments reader and payments device. Chip cards have to be inserted into the chip-enabled terminal.

Do these cards track my location?

No. Chip card technology does not include location tracking. The chip inside your card is limited to supporting authentication of card data when you make a payment.

What if I’m traveling internationally?

If you travel outside the Unites States you will need to let us know ahead of time, or your card will not work. When traveling, some terminals will ask for a pin number; when this occurs, just enter your normal debit card PIN. If you see the message “Transaction Canceled” it usually means that the terminal doesn’t accept U.S. issued debit cards. If this happens to you, find an attended terminal or use an alternate payment method. (known to occur on French Toll Roads or Automated Fuel Dispensers)

Are there any fees that comes with this switch?

There is no additional cost to obtaining a chip card. Your account will remain the same with the exception of possible fees if you are replacing the card before it is expired.

Will my chip card still work at ATMs?

Yes. Your card will work at any ATM, whether they have a chip-enabled terminal, or if they only accept magnetic stripe transactions. You can still use the on-screen prompts you are used to following.

What if I don't have the option of "credit" or "debit" during a transaction, or want cash back when paying with my chip card?

Once your card is inserted into the terminal, you will be prompted to either enter a pin number, or provide a signature to finish the transaction. Either method will help keep your information secure, and keep anyone else from easily using your card. If entering your PIN is not available at that location, this means that cash back will not be available and you will have to use another method.

Why would my chip card not work when a merchant has a chip terminal?

Some merchants will have the proper chip terminal for your chip card, but won't have it turned on. If you properly insert your chip card into a terminal and nothing happens, then remove the card and swipe it like you usually would.

When will I receive my chip card?

If you have a traditional magnetic stripe card now, you won’t receive your chip card until it expires or has to be reissued. You can use your current card until then.

Now you're up to date on everything EMV. If you ever have any questions regarding EMV/Chip cards, or any other aspect of your account, call your local New Era Bank and we would be happy to assist you.

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Apple Pay is Here!

New Era Bank is now offering Apple Pay for iPhone 6 and 6s users! No more rummaging through a wallet or purse for a certain card, or even opening an app to pay for something. Now you can simply hold your iPhone up to a card reader with your finger on Touch ID or double-click your Home button when your phone is locked to access Wallet and complete your purchase. It’s easy to sign up for, and is a much easier way to handle cards you use every day.

Apple Pay isn’t just faster- it’s a safer way to buy things. Usually when you make a purchase with a credit or debit card, you are using your card number to make that purchase. With Apple Pay, your card number is replaced by an encrypted, secured Device Account Number that is assigned only to you. This way, your card information isn’t shared by Apple or anyone else. When it comes time to pay, you have to use your Touch ID or passcode to complete the transaction- so no one else can access it.

To sign up, go to your settings and select Wallet and Apple pay. After you scan the front of your card, or input your card numbers manually, Apple verifies your information. If everything checks out, you’re ready to start using Apple Pay! If you have any issues, we would be happy to help; just call us at (573) 783-3336.

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